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Who is T. Marie

I am T. Marie King born, raised and currently living in Birmingham, Alabama. I am an activist, film connoisseur, music zombie, old soul, sarcastic genius, simplistic writer, a world changer obsessed with traveling and fulfilling my purpose.

The purpose of my blog is to encourage visitors to grow to the next level. Being that I am not the typical blogger I express my revelations and lessons in a unique and simplistic way. Whether we interact in person or through my writing I want you to be a better you because we met.

Thank you for visiting my site and may the road rise up to meet you.

T. Marie (TK)

“My Dreams Deserve A Try” ~ FloJo


2 thoughts on “Who is T. Marie

  1. WOW! Powerful! Inspiring! Insightful!

  2. Awesome stuff T!!! Please keep sharing………..LJB

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