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Do You Have Dead Weight?

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Over the past couple of weeks I have been watching this reality show called Make or Break: The Linda Perry Project. Its a VH1 show that is pretty cool and this amazing musician and producer Linda Perry is assisting unsigned artist get to the root and rawness of their true talent to become authentic artist. As with most reality shows similar to this one, you get sent home if you’re not meeting the mark. However, something happened in last weeks episode that truly blew me away and I wanted to share that revelation with you.

There is a group on the show, OMAR, that is made up of friends Nick and Candace. After working with the group Linda pulls Candace, the singer of the group, to the side for a one-on-one conversation. Linda expressed the potential that she saw in Candace but that Nick, the drummer, was not equipped to go to the next level with her. It was obvious that Linda was struggling with being blunt with Candace about the need to let Nick go yet the truth of Linda’s words were just as obvious in Candace tears. I honestly believe that Candace knew all along that OMAR would eventually have to split ways but her loyalty to their friendship kept them together and limited her growth. Linda knew that with guidance Candace could reach her purpose. Just like she knew that Nick lacked the capacity to keep up Candace’s growth. By the end of the episode a very difficult decision had to be made.

So how does this relate to you? Its simple, what is holding you back?

What is the dead weight in your life?

We all have the potential to be the greatest versions of ourselves if we desire. The beauty of how God has created our world is that we will cross paths with Linda’s that will see that thing that we have and pull us to the next level. Identifying the gifts and talents is not the difficult part. The difficult part is being willing to let go of our comfort zone, our friends and our old habits in order to reach that level of being our authentic self. Being who we are created to be should be our ultimate goal. Unfortunately we allow our loyalty to others, situations to stunt our growth over our loyalty to our purpose even though we have a desire for greater.

Again, OMAR was presented with the decision of Candace moving forward and working with Linda or both, Nick and Candace, returning home. A tough decision but it was refreshing and rare to see that not only did Nick see the same gifts in Candace as Linda but he was willing to step aside and encourage Candace to move on without him. Even though Nick loved his friend and wanted to be a part of her success he recognized that they had gone as far as they could go together.

In our lives we will have relationships on various levels and depths, that will stretch us but we have to recognize when that season has ended. When we have gone as far as we can in a professional or personal relationship and our growth is dependent on us moving on without others what do you do? What are you doing? Are you holding on to what is familiar out of fear or out of loyalty? Which is more important to you becoming who you were destined to be or not?

We all will come to a crossroad in our lives where there is a Linda identifying what will get us to the next level but are you strong enough to do what it takes?


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