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How Do You Receive?

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This year I have been very intentional about my spending. Counting my dollars and taking note of what I spend the most money on. Earlier this year I started doing these survey’s on my food receipts and these little discounts and freebies are assisting me in my savings. Well the other day I had a coupon to buy one sandwich and get second one for free. I got my two sandwiches and decided that I would offer one to a relative. I knocked on their door and I am sure it was not intentional but the person had an attitude and instead of talking to me face to face instead talked snappy through the door. Not even getting up to open the door.

I was a little taken off guard because I really wanted to bless this person. Well I decided to keep my second sandwich and went on about my business. I wasn’t even mad. I do what I always do, I watch television. I was barely into the first bite of my sandwich when I started thinking about how we receive from others and more importantly how do we receive from God?

How many blessings or opportunities have we missed because of our attitude? How many times has our attitude told people that you were not mature enough for what they wanted to offer you. Even if it is as small as a sandwich or as big as a raise? How many times has God had to change the hearts of others from blessing you with that promotion, job, gift or relationship because of your attitude?

What do you think or know that you have missed out on because of your attitude?

Could you be returning your blessing back to sender without even realizing it?


Author: Graffiti Soul

Activist, Lover of the Arts, Music Zombie & Old Soul.

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