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Ruby & Maya

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Ruby and Maya
Two precious gems
Beacons of light
With class and distinction they lived

Lived out the promise
No tears in the night
Honored to be touched
By the purpose of their life

With our eyes we learned
To be women of grace
With our ears we learned
To put ignorance in its place

But what do we do
When the stage light goes dim
We grab their angelic shoulders
And shine from within

It is our time to ascend
To our rightful place
As our sisters end
Their earthly race

Its that son in the sky
That they seek His face
Well done Maya and Ruby
You ran a great race


Author: Graffiti Soul

Activist, Lover of the Arts, Music Zombie & Old Soul.

One thought on “Ruby & Maya

  1. Beautiful!!! thank you for sharing your gifts with me!

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