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You Are More, So Be More

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This weekend I just started reading TD Jakes book, Instinct, and let me tell you it is good. There were so many pearls of wisdom that I crossed over and over again but something jumped out at me that I just had to share.

“Don’t adapt to being less than what you have become.”

Think about that one for second.

Are you currently or have you been guilty of doing that? I know I have been in the past.

It took sickness for me to finally open my eyes that I was not happy with my life. It took faith for me to choose to fight through my illness. It took a head on collision for me to realize that I was not living in my purpose. It took a God-ordained encounter for me to realize that pretty much all of my life I had been selling my self short. It took courage to face these fears and address them.

I have always had a creative and artistic mind. I do all the professional stuff that I have to do but if I could spend my time expressing myself through acting, dancing, painting, you name it I would much rather do that. Most people don’t know this but I had an opportunity to attend The Alabama School of Fine Arts for drawing but when I saw the work load and the commitment level I made a choice to not do it and blamed my youthful decision on other factors. I packed it away and moved on with my life and decided not to cry over spilt milk, especially since I was the one that poured it out. Even with my artistic mind I have always been able to take responsibility for my actions.

Now as a 34 year old I have spent the past year lining my life up with my purpose and fitting my passion in there from time to time. Once I realized I was selling my self short I had to make some scary decisions and decisions that were not always popular to others. Again the nugget of wisdom that I read was “Don’t adapt to being less than what you have become.” Lets take a moment to unpack that.

Well what have you become? I am a passionate community worker, that cares about the youth and the education that they are receiving. I am college educated with three degrees and I am a life long learner. Yet there are some many talents that I hold that I haven’t even utilized and some that I need to dust off. There is wisdom that I have acquired over the years that is not being utilized. Lets not forget all of the things God has placed on the inside of me.

Take a second and think about, what you have become.

Next thing. are you adapting? I know I did. I acquired a good position, doing good work and worked my butt off. Yet I was still adapting. I was adapting to what people thought I should do, become and strive for. I took classes and participated in things that complemented the job title that I had but I wasn’t happy. I was being a good sport and a team player but I was not connected to the work that I was doing. I wasn’t connected because I had adapted to being less than what I had become. I was selling myself short as well as not walking out my purpose.

Now what about you? Are you adapting to being less? Are you selling yourself short? Take a moment today, this week or this month and re-evaluate your life and become more. Be more of what God has designed you to be.




Author: Graffiti Soul

Activist, Lover of the Arts, Music Zombie & Old Soul.

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