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What’s That On Your Back?

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One taboo topic that I do not see addressed enough, especially in the “church”, is addiction, so who am I to pass up on that opportunity. I am not really sure what the fear is or maybe people are just afraid to show their closet bones. No judgment at all. I am not going to get very deep into it but I did want to speak on it briefly.

I guess there is no better way to start than with an example from my own life. Back in 2012 I had a major surgery that left me with a C-section cut and I truly had no idea how many muscles are in that region of the body. So you can imagine the enormous amount of pain I began to feel as the days passed and I was shifted from morphine to Lortabs. I was not a happy camper. Once I felt that first onset of pain I wanted drugs immediately and actually quicker than that. I left the hospital with a gang of pills and a loaded prescription for more. In my Charlie Sheen voice, winning.

Well not for long.

Now I did need those pills to get through the pain and to be able to continue to move around like I needed to in order to regain all of the proper feeling and use back in my abdomen. So I took my pills and healed up over the summer but some months later I realized that I was still getting prescriptions filled and I wasn’t in that much pain anymore. Actually I wasn’t in any pain at all. I had become a pill popper that quick. Who knew?

I know some drug addicts, past and current users, friends and family and for me that has never been appealing. I could never fathom why people stick needles in their arms. I still don’t understand sniffing powder but that’s just me. My lack of understanding of it does not mean that I lack empathy for those that battle addiction.

Back to these pills that were creeping into my daily routine.

Thank God for Him because one day I was just going along and I grabbed a tab (as I called them), popped it in my mouth and kept on. Before I could get out of my bedroom I asked myself, why the hell am I still taking these? I had a moment. I realized that there was no longer a medical reason for me to be taking them. I am on the verge of a serious problem is what I realized and I need to stop while I still can, alone. So I shredded my prescription and threw out the rest of my pills because I knew if I went another day I would have a bigger issue on my hand than I wanted. I may not understand shooting up or snorting but I get popping pills.

Back in the day my teen church pastors, Minister Everett and Mrs. Bridgett, would always encourage us to not indulge in things that God has not ordained for us to experience. I heard them as a teen but I got it as an adult. There are things in this world that God does not want us to experience that are fighting for our separation from God and provide earthly turmoil for us. God didn’t create us to suffer but enjoy life. You cannot enjoy life bound by an addiction.

I don’t know who this post is for but I know that we don’t receive revelation in order to keep it to ourselves. If this post is for you then this is the answer that you have been looking for. God doesn’t want you in bondage and that can be whatever is attempting to get on your back. You know your struggle and it is real to you. So know that you don’t have to carry it around anymore, get it off your back. God has greater for you but you can’t access it with that on your back.



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